Building Relationships and Clients. Why they Matter.

Gulf States Engineering was built on relationships. Our clients are our focus. Every project is an opportunity to build a relationship. Proper communication can be the difference between a smooth project or a project with a slew of change orders.

Justin Thibodeaux with our Gulfport office shares some thoughts on how he develops relationships from our Gulfport office.

  1. How do relationships build better projects?
    “The projects with long term clients, say ones that have been with us 8+ years, are some of the smoothest progressing projects we do. We know exactly what the client wants to see, and they know exactly what we will send them. Often, we make adjustments on the designs before they request they happen because we have such close relationships. The clients also know if GSE needs to perform a site visit in their absence we’ll look at some of their items as well and inform them of any discrepancies.”
  2. Why is Project Management important in the role of engineering?
    “Project Management is where we ensure the client receives what they need, when they need it and in budget. The best way to achieve this is to feed our engineers information as soon as we receive it so they are aware of any impacts to the design and can react. To me a good Project Manager operates in the background at the office and is GSE’s conduit to the client. We facilitate our engineers and put them in positions where they can show off their talents to the client. The Project Manager should be quick to divert any praise they receive from the client to the team members that were involved in that work.”
  3. What do you enjoy most about your work?
    “Every time I go into the Gulfport office, it brings a positive energy. We are surrounded by people that support team members, their challenges, and their families."
  4. What has been your most memorable experience since being a part of GSE?
    “We always have such a fun time at the Christmas party. We work hard all year long and it’s a way to just relax, catch up with everyone and just enjoy being with our co-workers and families. Each year we have new faces and new personalities, so it is never the same.”
  5. What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever been given?
    “To respond to our client’s emails and phone calls immediately. Even if we are not able to jump on the work at that exact moment a simple acknowledgement of receipt of the information and confirmation that we’ll get it handled goes a long way with the Client.”
  6. What do you think sets GSE apart from other companies?
    “You never really know what kind of project is going to come in next. We can be working on a steel mill and then land some prototype restaurant adaptions the following week. Our engineers are exposed to almost everything imaginable in their fields.”
  7. In one word or phrase, how would you describe GSE?