If you’re like many engineers, the thought of being social can be daunting. Making a presentation or speaking can be downright stressful. But there are simple techniques you can do to help.

  1. Be confident. You are the expert. Being able to clearly share ideas with others is an important quality in a leader. Start by sharing ideas at tradeshows or in small groups.
  2. Consider your audience. If it's an industry crowd, you can expand on your knowledge.
  3. Simplify it. Being able to explain things in simple easy to know terms can help your audience take in your presentation.
  4. Don't be afraid to read from a script. Speaking can lead to anxiety. Having a script handy allows you to remember your points and stay on track.
  5. Be engaging and conversational. Don’t rush and speak with authority. Avoid being monotone and don’t be afraid to pause.

So, relax and be authentic,. Having a good public speaking skill can be key to leadership.