Tips for Students Seeking Engineering/Construction Related Internships

Internships play a crucial role in the engineering and construction industry. Education can highlight your skills, but relevant work experience will make a person stand-out after graduation.

When hiring an intern, companies are seeking not only the best fit but also someone who can provide some assistance on projects and can potentially become a full-time employee after graduation.

  1. Some tips:
  2. Start early and research. Want to try out a new city? An internship can be a great way to learn about different parts of the country and where you may want to live after graduation. Then research the companies in that area. Be observant of the company’s vibes and use your internship to determine if you fit into their culture.
  3. Practice the basics and engage with experienced people. Talking face to face with people shows you can communicate and that you’re a real person that wants to go the extra mile. Networking and meeting people matters more than you think.
  4. Update your resume to reflect your intern experience. After graduation, you will not only want to highlight your skills, but also the experience you gained during the internship. Make sure you have someone at the company where you interned review it. They might have some helpful feedback that could land you a job after graduation.
  5. Internships are a great way to help you figure out your career and the exact path you will take after graduation. An internship will help you land a job that is not only a great fit but that sets you up for future success.