“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
- Winston Churchill

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nucor - jfe galvanizing line

nucor - jfe galvanizing line

$55 Million - Leon, Mexico

Services: Steel Framing, Seismic Design

GSE was contracted directly by Drever International (SMS Group) to provide engineering design for the steel structures for the Furnace, Cooling, and Post Treatment Towers supporting Nucor|JFE’s new Hot Dip Galvanizing Line.The hot-dip galvanizing line will produce 400,000 tons of steel strips per year, most notably deep-drawing grades and high-strength steels for the automotive industry, including modern dual-phase steels.




$1.4 Billion - Ashland, KY          
Services: General Arrangement, Life Safety, Material Handling, Building, Equipment Foundations, MV Electrical, Process, Fire Protection        
GSE provided front-end engineering services in support of Braidy Industry's planned aluminum mill to be constructed in Ashland, KY. The front-end design scope required extensive coordination with primary vendors, SMS, Ebner, Gautschi, Amova and several more in suport of the Melting and Casting furnaces, Hot Mill, Cold Mill, Annealing Furnaces, CASH Lines, and two automated coil handling bays.



Nucor Cold Mill Complex

$300 Million - Blytheville, AR

Services: Survey, Construction Planning, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , Life Safety ,Interior Design ,HVAC Systems, Plumbing, Ventilation Systems

GSE provided full engineering services for a 400,000 square foot Nucor Steel Arkansas Specialty Cold Mill Complex containing a Push/Pull Pickle Line, specialty steels are becoming increasingly vital in the automotive industry. 6-High Reversing Cold Rolling Mill, Twenty-four (24) Batch Annealing Furnaces, and Reversing Temper Mill.When completed, the facility will produce advanced high-strength, high-strength low-alloy, and motor lamination steel product designed to minimize energy losses when used as core materials for electrical equipment and motors.




$12 Million-Calvert, AL

Services: Structural, Survey, Life Safety

GSE worked with AMNS to modify the cooling system in the hot strip mill.  This included initial scope development and AFE level estimate for project approval.  Upon approval, GSE worked with AMNS to develop as built drawings using a laser scanner and integrating and coordinating with SMS equipment to develop comprehensive equipment arrangements.  These drawings served as the basis for the detailed design.  GSE coordinated with SMS and AMNS to develop the detailed design for the system.  In developing design, mill personnel provided shutdown schedules which were used to develop the contracting strategy and ultimately the construction packages for bid and installation.  GSE provided pre-bid support, bid evaluation and engineering support throughout construction and start up.




$110 Million steel cold rolling works in Bowling Green, KY 

Services: Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Process Piping, Electrical, Fire Protection, Life Safety, Interior Design, Construction Administration, Cost Estimation and Environmental Permitting.

Bilstein is one of the world's leading producers of high quality cold rolled steel.  GSE
provided full engineering services for Bilstein's first mill constructed outside of Germany. The facility is constructed on a 61 acre greenfield site in Bowling Green, KY strategically located to serve the region's growing automotive industry.  Phase 1 of the facility includes a cold rolling mill, 8 batch annealing bases, and a high speed slitting line with a 52 feet deep looping pit.


severcorr steel

SeverCorr steel

$900 Million - Columbus, MS

Services: Life Safety, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Structural Engineering.

GSE was responsible for the Cold Rolling Works and was tasked with having the first process line operational in less than 12 months from the start of construction. This was achieved in 10.5 months.  GSE designed the pickle line, cold rolling mill, hot galvanizing line, the skin pass mill, the batch annealing area, and the offline temper mill.


thyssenkrupp stainless steel mill

thyssenkrupp stainless steel MILL

$1.2 Billion – Calvert, AL

Services: Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Survey, Process Piping, Electrical, Fire Protection, Life Safety 

GSE provided the design of the Stainless Steel Hot Annealing and Pickle Line (HAPL) and the Cold Annealing and Pickle Line (CAPL).  Also included was all associated infrastructure, medium voltage distribution, fire protection system design for the entire site, and the lightning protection and grounding design for the Carbon Steel complex. The HAPL and CAPL processes involve the heating and acid etching the steel through series of ovens and acid baths. These processes require the support of extensive process piping and systems. They included a variety of acid storage and distribution, steam, cooling water, natural gas, electrical.


SSAB- ql6

SSAB- ql6

$200 Million – Axis, AL

Services: Survey, Construction Planning, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

SSAB North America (formerly IPSCO) chose GSE to provide all design services for the new heat-treat and quench line. The new facility has the capacity to produce 300,000 tons of hardened steel per year. Scope included all utilities, building and equipment foundations, the 1 million gallon quench system.


ssab – vtd project

ssab – vtd project

$80 Million – Axis, AL

Services: Survey, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Piping Engineering 

SSAB, formally IPSCO, is an existing steel manufacturing facility in Axis, AL.  In an effort to provide more control over their steelmaking process, SSAB installed a Vacuum Tank Degasser (VTD) at their melt shop. The VTD project involved placing equipment in a 20,000 square foot footprint, 80 feet high, with three working levels. Structural Engineering services included the design to support a 300 Ton overhead crane.   Electrical and Piping design included rerouting existing utilities to allow the VTD process area to be added at the existing facility. The addition was required to be implemented with only minor disruption to the operations of the facility.


TK Steel Mill – MV Switchyard

TK Steel Mill – MV Switchyard

$2 Million– Calvert, AL

Services: Structural, Electrical

GSE teamed with Siemens to provide all electrical design services for the medium voltage, communication and data systems for the 1500 acre ThyssenKrupp Mill Complex.  The work was completed as part of a design-build effort with G.A. West.


pro-tec steel mill

pro-tec steel mill

SMS Siemag - Leipsic, Ohio

Services: Structural and Life Safety

GSE was contracted by German equipment giant, SMS Siemag, to provide the structural engineering for the design and installation of the steel structures supporting their process equipment which included the vertical entry looper, exit loopers, cleaning section, nickel flash section, continuous annealing, inspection, and recoiling equipment.


steel warehouse

steel warehouse

$12 Million Pickle Line – Calvert, AL

Services: Survey, Structural, Process Piping, Electrical, Fire Protection, Life Safety, Interior Design, Mechanical, Plumbing, Construction Management

Steel Warehouse Alabama features a state of the art push pull pickler capable of pickling hot rolled coils up to one inch thick and up to 72" in width. The new facility has rail and truck access and barge access nearby.  The line can produce pickled dry, pickled and oiled, Mil-Bond and dry lubed strip. GSE provided full engineering services for Steel Warehouse’s heavy gage Push/Pull Pickle Line constructed at the Calvert Industrial Park. The scope of this work included engineering for all buildings and equipment support for the approximate 106,000 square foot facility.


heidtman steel

heidtman steel

$16 Million Pickle Line – Calvert, AL

Services- Construction Engineering

Toledo, Ohio based Heidtman Steel, a processor of flat rolled carbon steel, contracted GSE for their new 114,000 sq. ft steel processing facility located at ThyssenKrupp Industrial Park. Phase one of the facility will include installation of a 0.250 in. x 78 in. slitter that is capable of handling 80,000-pound coils.


kloeckner metals usa (klockner stahl)

kloeckner metals usa (klockner stahl)

$12 Million Slitting Line – Calvert, AL

Services: Survey, Structural, Civil, Life Safety, Interior Design

Kloeckner Metals Corporation consists of three business segments: Flat Rolled Group, Heavy Carbon Group and Special Products Group.  The facility, located within ThyssenKrupp Industrial park, is a 100,000-square-foot, light-gauge steel flat rolled processing center. GSE provided full engineering services for Kloeckner Steel’s new slitting line and coil storage facility. Design included foundation for rail access into the building and a 40 foot deep looping pit. The project design was coordinated with a “fast-track” construction approach.


berg steel pipe

berg steel pipe

$100 Million – Mobile, AL

Services: Cost Estimation, Environmental Permitting

GSE constructed cost estimate and environmental Permitting. The permitting activities included air, water and solid waste as required for a new spiral welded pipe mill and associated fusion-bonded epoxy coating facility.


samuel, son & co. limited – BLANKING AND slitting facility


$16 Million – Columbia, TN

Services: Structural, Civil, Life Safety, Interior Design

Samuel, Son & Co., Limited is a steel mill designed to support the growing automotive market in the South, this new facility will house a new world-class hybrid automotive blanking line with a width capability up to 2050mm (80.7”). GSE provided full engineering services for Samuel Steel’s new slitting line and coil storage facility. Design included foundation for rail access into the building and soil reinforcement methods to avoid extensive deep foundations.


ipsco steel ql5


$60 Million – Axis, AL  

Services: Survey, Construction Planning, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering  

IPSCO built a 60,000 ton capacity Heat Treat and Quench facility at its Axis, AL mini-mill site.  GSE was responsible for all engineering for this project.  Services included survey and construction layout, site civil design, building and equipment structural foundations, building and equipment electrical and mechanical design including the 1 million gallon quench system, and construction management.




$4 Million – Pine Hill, AL                    
Services: Steel Framing, Seismic Supports, Piping, Design-Build, BIM                     
GSE provided structural supports and modeling for the process piping at this
facility. Upon completion of design, GSE provided installation coordination
with local contractor, Persons Service Company.




$5 Million – Ghent, KY                   
Services: Steel Framing, Seismic Design, Safety/Fall Protection                    
GSE provided the structural engineering analysis and design certification for the installation of Drever's Bright Annealing Line support structure at North American Stainless in Ghent, KY. The 123 foot tall structure consists of 10 equipment support and maintenance levels. The work was part of NAS's $150M capital investment aimed at meeting customer specifications requiring increased surface quality and flatness tolerances.